Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first Novel, "Cinderella in Paris"

Actually I never intended to make this novel before. Ten months ago there is an editor from MASMedia in Centre Java interested with my article "Backpack to Europe" (in bahasa) He then asked me to write a non fiction-book tells about single-30s-women live at big cities in Indonesia which he promised will be published but his employer where he works. Unfortunately there was an accident at my lap top, at that time I stayed at my sister's house in Melbourne, and I forgot to save my work (the book's draft) at USB. Voila, I informed that to that editor, but seems he didnt believe with my reason to ask more time for the deadline. In short, while I am back to Jakarta, Indonesia, I try to continue write the book, but suddenly I change my mind, "what I dont try to write a novel" This novel 80 % based on my true story and my best-female-frieds' story so I dont need much time to finish it, it only takes 2 months!! So what is the novel try to tell you? this is not only chicklit, this is not only a physical journey of the person in this novel to Europe, Australia, meet local guys there, this is also about spiritual journey of the person to see not only about love, but also destiny and life it is. My vision is all the 30s single-girls who read this novel will felt being entertained and also stand up for facing the life, grab love that comes to them.. and for many indonesian people to stop burden us with that social pressure, stop judging us, stop labelling us as unpretty or any bad label.. Love is God's gift Love is wonderful and true love will come when you stop looking on it until he comes in front of you E-book version of this novel can be downloaded at

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